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A collection of various apps in Docker containers, meant to be run locally.

Each Dockerfile is configured with #wd# comments for managing images and containers with wdocker.

You can install wdocker with pip:

sudo pip install wdocker


cd bitlbee
wdocker init

# or
docker build -t bee .
docker run -d -p --name bee bee


cd php7
wdocker init

# or
docker build -t php7 .
docker run -d -p --name php7 php7


cd mysql
wdocker init

# or
docker build -t mysql .
docker run -d --name mysql mysql


cd memcached
wdocker init

# or
docker build -t memcached .
docker run -d --name memcached memcached
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I am a computer enthusiast and software developer, passionate about free and open source software and Unix-like operating systems.

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